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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 20:00:27 BST 2004

I just put my 1970 TC 2000 through "Air Care" without
the machinations I had to do last year.  The
acceptable HC is only 1036 ppm at idle while my
reading was 375 ppm.
My process:
Removed the carb covers, turned the jets to the level
flat of the bridge and turned each jet down 2 turns.
Checked the timing and adjusted it to about 3-4
degrees BTDC using the micrometer adjustment on the
distributor vacuum unit.
Readjusted the idle using the idle screw to about 1000

[I have a Gunson's CO Digital Meter]
Last year:
Changed the jet needles (dropped the CO quite a bit)
Removed the crankcase breather pipe to each carb
(dropped the CO some)
Removed the air cleaner (dropped the CO some)
Detuned the car until it barely moved (leaned the
carbs - adjusted the timing)

Best wishes,

--- WVDHDC at aol.com wrote:

> I'm a new member to the group and  recently the new
> owner of a 1969 2000TC LHD with approximately 75000
> miles.  The car has been checked by one mechanic
> familiar with British and one mechnanic/former Rover
> dealer and both say it's in exceptional mechanical
> and physical shape.  Needless to say, I'm looking
> forward to having it on the road.
> I'm in the process of getting it registered as an
> antique in Washington, DC (yes, this city-state has
> its own licensing department!) but unfortunately the
> jurisdiction requires city-administered
> emissions/brake testing prior to registration. 
> Despite the best efforts of my mechanic, I've failed
> both and are looking for suggestions:
> 1- "Acceptable" emissions level is 1250 ppm HC
> (idle).  The car initially clocked 2681.41 and after
> carb adjustment 1293.00.  Mechanic says he thinks
> the initial high reading was due to metering
> rod/valve misfunction (choke was not adjusting when
> pushed in after startup).  He showed me how to
> remove the air filter and manually push the carb
> adjusters down to close the choke after the car
> warmed up, but that didn't work today -- any
> thoughts?
> 2- The rear brakes are also failing me.  After
> failing the initial test, the mechanic bled the rear
> brakes, found a blockage in the right rear line and
> cleared it.  Results were nearly the same for the
> first and second test - rear balance 128% on left,
> 65% on right;  and measurment of 485 lbf brake force
> on left rear,  248 lbf brake force on right.  Discs
> aren't rusty, brakes relatively new.  Previous owner
> told me that the right rear had locked unexpectedly
> at some point, but not sure what they did to correct
> it  My mechanic says the next step is to replace the
> rear rubber brake hoses (maybe someone used wrong
> brake fluid in the past??).  Any thoughts on this?
> I've much enjoyed reading the archives and hope I
> can have this p6 legally on the road soon.
> Brian Alcorn
> Washington, DC
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