[ROVERNET - UK] Of grose jets and float bowls

T. Clemen tclemen at msn.com
Fri Oct 1 19:23:19 BST 2004

Grose Jets are a replacement for the float bowl valve.  Instead of the brass 
pin topped with rubber, the grose jet relies on ball bearings to make a 
proper seal.

Unfortunately not until trying to start my 2000 TC did I discover my rear 
float was stuck at the bottom of the chamber, and got a nice head ache from 
all the gas that leaked onto the garage floor.  Does anyone know how easy 
these floats should move?  I mean when I tap the front float down it goes 
down really easy and is slow to rise, is this normal?  The rear one won't 
budge, I can read the suggestions from a month ago to resolve this 

Thanks all, Happy October, and for those of us who do, don't forget to set 
your clocks back Sunday!

Tom C.

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