[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC gaskets, tailpipe

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Tue Aug 31 04:00:14 BST 2004

I have welded my TC one twice.
They do develop cracks, particularly if the front mount (off the starter
motor bolt) is left off.
I also replaced the main front down pipe, it had eroded/thinned & holed.


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Norm, you've had lot's of good advice. This is a great group in my humble
opinion. One thing I would add is that the exhaust manifold rarely has 
holes-yes it does happen it just happens far less than the muffler and 
tailpipes have holes. I had one repaired about 20yrs ago. It is still on the

car and works fine. It was far cheaper to have a good exhaust shop-I would
not recommend a franchise unless you know them-repair the broken sections of

the header. That of course is assuming you have a TC and not an SC. The SC
uses cast iron if I remember correctly. This can be welded by someone who
knows how.
All the best, Ron.

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>The response from y'all is terrific!
>I have a used exhaust manifold from an eBay vendor and it looks solid.
>My mech (bless him, he loves to work on "odd" cars and I have a bunch,
>all orphans) broke the news about the fit problem today, the tailpipe is
>holed before the muffler and broken in two over the hump (the tailend
>resonator is OK for now).  Lacking a tailpipe he'll probably weld a
>straight piece between the hump and floorboard tailpipe sections.  Again
>I appreciate the good advice WRT gaskets, removals and the manifold.
>Responded separately to all.  Norm
>Eric Russell wrote:
> > Norm,
> > If you have to order a manifold from the UK, be
> > careful where you get it from.  I recently tried to
> > fit a new mild steel unit but found that after I
> > secured it with gasket and bolts, I couldn't fit my
> > twin carb set with heat shield.  I separated the carb
> > set from the heat shield and tried to refit.  The
> > shield just wouldn't go.  It turned out that the large
> > pipe bend that delivers 2 smaller pipes to exhaust
> > outlets 3 and 4 was constructed wrongly.
> >
> > I had to cut the heat shield and pop rivet in new
> > aluminum to satisfy the poor bending job.  Eventually,
> > I was able to refit my carbs after a day's work.
> >
> > Explanatory pictures can be found here.  I will
> > privately tell you who NOT to order a manifold from.
> >
> > http://www.roverclub.ca/heat_sheild.html
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