[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC gaskets, tailpipe

Norm norm at normdec.com
Mon Aug 30 18:22:26 BST 2004

The response from y'all is terrific!
I have a used exhaust manifold from an eBay vendor and it looks solid.
My mech (bless him, he loves to work on "odd" cars and I have a bunch,
all orphans) broke the news about the fit problem today, the tailpipe is
holed before the muffler and broken in two over the hump (the tailend
resonator is OK for now).  Lacking a tailpipe he'll probably weld a
straight piece between the hump and floorboard tailpipe sections.  Again
I appreciate the good advice WRT gaskets, removals and the manifold.
Responded separately to all.  Norm

Eric Russell wrote:

> Norm,
> If you have to order a manifold from the UK, be
> careful where you get it from.  I recently tried to
> fit a new mild steel unit but found that after I
> secured it with gasket and bolts, I couldn't fit my
> twin carb set with heat shield.  I separated the carb
> set from the heat shield and tried to refit.  The
> shield just wouldn't go.  It turned out that the large
> pipe bend that delivers 2 smaller pipes to exhaust
> outlets 3 and 4 was constructed wrongly.
> I had to cut the heat shield and pop rivet in new
> aluminum to satisfy the poor bending job.  Eventually,
> I was able to refit my carbs after a day's work.
> Explanatory pictures can be found here.  I will
> privately tell you who NOT to order a manifold from.
> http://www.roverclub.ca/heat_sheild.html

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