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Hank and Sally Manwell hdmanwell at alumni.bates.edu
Sun Aug 29 20:03:41 BST 2004

Good thoughts about a registry, Steve,

Our Franklin car club has maintained a register of cars for about 40=20
years and any Franklin known by serial or engine number stays in the=20
register even if we lose track of the current owner. If the car is=20
destroyed by fire or parted out, that becomes part of the record. Cars=20
are listed by condition, so a person needing parts for a certain series=20
can contact owners of near match parts cars to see if parts are=20
available. It is also a data base an owner car research to see what an=20
unknown car might be. And families that have a Franklin in their history=20
can see if the car is currently known to exist.

For example, the City of Syracuse, NY, (my town, where Franklins were=20
built from 1902 to 1934) has unearthed records of old fire chief's cars=20
and we've found a Franklin listed in the mid west that was one of those=20

I'm looking for a near match to one of my Franklins and have found the=20
closest one to be in Holland! Should be interesting communication.

Of course there's a lot more Rovers than the 150,000 Franklins made, so=20
a Rover registry would be a huge and daunting undertaking.

steve bridge wrote:

> I think a registry is a great idea. It will help prevent the cars from=20
> getting lost or unappreciated and then destroyed. It will also help=20
> sellers find a good home when they decide to part with their beloved=20
> Rover.
> As an example, a friend just found a complete and original Healey LM.=20
> It was rotting outdoors in an oil field contractor's storage lot near=20
> Casper Wyoming. That car had been there 30 years and could have just=20
> as easily gone to the crusher or gotten a Chevy V-8 because nobody=20
> knew where or what it was.
> I didn't mean to start a disagreement. I'm sorry.
> SDSteve
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