[ROVERNET - UK] gear selector arm

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 16:43:58 BST 2004

Jim sighed and noted,
> *  one of John Wadham's short gear sticks with the
> metal end and nylon/plastic insert for the hole in
> the shift rod.  I only used this stick very briefly
> because I was unable to get the insert pressed into
> the hole in the shift rod, and the metal-to-metal
> combination made way too much noise (& I did not
> want to damage the gear stick or the shift rod). 
> This is the stick that I'd like to use - if anyone
> has any ideas about how to fit the insert w/o taking
> the car apart I'd appreciate it.

I am focused on this same issue.  I have a long
gearshift with a turned metal tip which rattles in the
"Series 1" control arm.  In a Wadhams advert, I saw
the remanu insert for a control rod but the scraps of
info I have gleaned have pointed to a very late
control rod which has been machined with a bigger hole
to accept nylon inserts.  We would never get an insert
into the older rod.

We need a couple of used control arms designed for the

The system seems to be a self-destructing design with
a rubber product rubbing against a vibrating metal
surface whose life was not intended for us vintage car
folks who want to keep the car running well past its
"use by ......" time.


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