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Hi all,

Thanks for the great response!  Upon further thought, I am becoming convinced that my problem lies in the adjustment, not in the ball.  FWIW, the car has had a VERY loud buzzing noise from the gear stick for as long as I can remember - it goes away if I rest my hand on the gear knob.

My car has had several shift levers since I've owned her (Sept. 2002):

*  a mid-length gear stick w/a custom-made nylon tip (designed by the car's previous owner), which disintegrated shortly after I bought the car.  The car came w/2 spares, one of which disintgerated shortly after I installed it.  I'm keeping the last spare safe for now.

* a good used long stick with the std. rubber bulb (in the car now).  This still buzzes.  Also, my fingers hit the AC console when I try to shift into first & third.

*  one of John Wadham's short gear sticks with the metal end and nylon/plastic insert for the hole in the shift rod.  I only used this stick very briefly because I was unable to get the insert pressed into the hole in the shift rod, and the metal-to-metal combination made way too much noise (& I did not want to damage the gear stick or the shift rod).  This is the stick that I'd like to use - if anyone has any ideas about how to fit the insert w/o taking the car apart I'd appreciate it.

I think the first thing I need to do is to get the pinch bolt loose and get the entire mechanism adjusted properly.

Also, the shift rod on my car rotates through 360 degrees.  Is this rotation normal?  Finally, what may be a really dumb question - the hole on the shift rod is larger on one side than on the other - am I correct in presuming that the end of the shift rod fits into the larger of the 2 sides?   I've tried it both ways, but maybe I'm doing that wrong - it migthbe adding to the slop in the rod.  (I cannot tell from the workshop manual which way the rod should face).

I think that Kit may have suggested the force-fit idea before - I have an excessive length (4 ft?  smallest they would sell me) of the appropriate material in my garage.  I just haven't got round to dealing with it (too much going on this summer).

James- thanks for the AC tip - I'll be in touch off-list about the bracket set.  I was hoping that there would be a modern compressor that would work - I've been having trouble getting anyone here in SC to even look at the car ("if it's not a Land Rover, then what is it?"). Sigh . . .



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> Kit,
> Good show. You could also use a shrink fit. Heat the ball cool the 
> rod and
> insert.
> Slats
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> > I think everyone may be making too much rocket science out of this.
> > Back when I was driving a 2000TC as my only car (1970-84), I got
> > sick and tired of buying new gear levers with the rubbery blob every
> > 20,000 miles. After the third one fell off, I took the naked 
> lever, got
> > some nylon rod of about 1-1/2 inch diameter, cut off a length 
> equal to
> > what the pear-shaped ball had been, and drilled a blind hole in the
> > center such that it was a force fit on the business end of the 
> lever.>
> > I drove the rod onto the lever, then shaped it into a pear-
> shaped ball
> > with a wood rasp, and reinstalled the lever into the car. It was 
> still> shifting smoothly when I got rid of the car 60,000 miles later.
> >
> > Kit
> >
> > On 18 Aug 2004 at 11:04, rogerdm at iprimus.com.au wrote:
> >
> > > The white ball on the base of a blind guide stick can be 
> obtained from
> > > the royal blind society.  It has a hole that can be extended right
> > > through so as to mount on a lathe.  The plastic is high 
> density and
> > > wears well.  It is also tolerant of oil and grease cheers 
> roger  >--
> >
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