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Could the rod be threaded and have a ball screw on to it? Thinking like a

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> The problem is gluing a ball to the gear lever. And for the selector
> "finger" forward, the thickness of the urethane covering ( both the
> gearlever ball and the finger cover are urethane) is only about a
> 1/16", which makes turning any suitable plastic problematic.
> UHMW polyethlylene is the material you are thinking of (ultra high
> molecular weight).
> Other plastic materials (nylon, deldrin, etc.) are more glue
> friendly, but they all are rather hard, which allows gearlever buzz,
> hiss and sizzle inside the car.
> I have the mold and chemicals to make new urethane ends on the
> gearlevers, but I currently lack a oven or vacuum pump, both
> necessary bits before I can actually remake any levers.
> Yours
> Vern
> >Has anyone attempted to machine a replacement ball using a modern high
> >density plastic material? I can never remember the name of the material
> >or something of the sort.
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> >Slats
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