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Wed Aug 18 01:21:18 BST 2004

The problem is gluing a ball to the gear lever. And for the selector 
"finger" forward, the thickness of the urethane covering ( both the 
gearlever ball and the finger cover are urethane) is only about a 
1/16", which makes turning any suitable plastic problematic.

UHMW polyethlylene is the material you are thinking of (ultra high 
molecular weight).

Other plastic materials (nylon, deldrin, etc.) are more glue 
friendly, but they all are rather hard, which allows gearlever buzz, 
hiss and sizzle inside the car.

I have the mold and chemicals to make new urethane ends on the 
gearlevers, but I currently lack a oven or vacuum pump, both 
necessary bits before I can actually remake any levers.


>Has anyone attempted to machine a replacement ball using a modern high
>density plastic material? I can never remember the name of the material UMHM
>or something of the sort.
>Vancouver, WA, USA
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