[ROVERNET - UK] Raising the Rover

Michael Pellow mp349 at ww.co.nz
Tue Aug 17 19:50:26 BST 2004

Has anyone tried to raise the rear end of a P6 to compensate for
springs?  I would like to get the ride height up a bit;  the manual
that shims up to 3/8 inch can be used but I want to go as high as 1
(2.54 cm for those of you out there in civilized countries using a
system of measurement).  Also per Paul Smith's suggestion,  I want to
replace the springs with those from a P6B to get the ride a bit
 thinking that the higher spring rate of the P6B rear springs will
the car higher but I don't know how much higher since I don't know the
spring rate for the 2000 TC springs.

Someone mentioned SD1 rear springs. They are totally different to P6 springs
in that they wre much lighter.They wont support the weight of the care
without the Boge Nivomat shocks which have high gass pressure in them as
part of the ride leveling effect.if they are removed the car sits on it
axel!. They are also variable rate in that the coil pitch varies down their
length  becomming prgressively harder the more they are compressed.
Spax do a replacement shock & coil kit for the SD1 ,they may have coils for
the P6's as well

Michael Pellow
2x 46 10 HP
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  2000 75 Conniseur

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