[ROVERNET - UK] P5 cold start light question

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Sounds like a lot of effort expended on a simple micro-switch detent. The
shaft is noting but a straight piece of metal with a long grove machined in
it to let the micro-switch deactivate when the knob is pushed in.

My condolences at having lunch with Bill Clinton, unless it was a different
one than "Slick Willie".

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Hi Peter,
 usualy I don't get involved any more in that kind of questions . I have two
P5s I know qwhat You mean about the Cold Starter, all English Cars had that
problem You just have to patient to get the Cold start handle in the right
position . Sometimes its not even more  like an hair .
You know I used to have 2 Morgans when I got my first one I had a lot of
problems so I phoned MALVERN and Mr. Peter Morgan told why dont, You buy a
bloody Mercedes and dont ever bother me again . So bought another Morgan .
Sorry about my English
its not easy to speak 7 differn languages and be perfect in writing ,

All best Fritz

( BTW I had Dinner last week with Bill Clinton )

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