[ROVERNET - UK] Rear spring wedges

Michael Pellow mp349 at ww.co.nz
Wed Aug 11 19:56:22 BST 2004

Hi all:  In mid-June I asked for help about drive
> shaft vibration and followed the advice given.
> Vibration was still bad when I got the car licensed,
> so took the car to a drive shaft specialist.   They
> found the main problem is that the rear axle needs
> wedges to raise the front of the diff.   Does anyone
> have a pair or can advise me where to get them?
> I am told the Mk IIc do not require them, but these
> people said the front two u-joints are at a good
> angle, but the rear is at too big an angle.
> Thank you again in advance.
> David Gatrell
> 1965 P5 Mk IIc
The  rear section of the drive shaft has a splined section.Check that it has
been put back in the correct place.Rover marks the two pieces with aligment
arrows. As I found with a P6 ,if these are not lined up correctly severe
vibration can result,so much in fact the it greatly reduced the handling of
the car tha ta friend had bought to the point he was going to sell it !.This
is due to the fact that universal joints are not constant velocity if they
are at any angle from straight (the more the angle the more the uneven
rotation). This is over come by the joint at the other end being exactly
opposite .ie the crosses are 90deg  (120 for the P6) with respect to each
other to cancel. If they are in line ,both add to the vibration,not cancel

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