[ROVERNET - UK] Rear spring wedges

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The input shaft to the diff (the short shaft that goes In to the diff) needs
to be at the same inclination as the output shaft from the gearbox (not the
tailshaft) ie. parallel to it.
Setting the diff input angle differently to this will introduce more
Universals work ok up to a 30 degree angle, and I doubt you have that much
angle on the final uni.
P6 halfshafts have more severe angles than P5 tailshafts, with next to no


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Hi all:  In mid-June I asked for help about drive
shaft vibration and followed the advice given. 
Vibration was still bad when I got the car licensed,
so took the car to a drive shaft specialist.   They
found the main problem is that the rear axle needs
wedges to raise the front of the diff.   Does anyone
have a pair or can advise me where to get them?

I am told the Mk IIc do not require them, but these
people said the front two u-joints are at a good
angle, but the rear is at too big an angle.

Thank you again in advance.

David Gatrell
1965 P5 Mk IIc

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