[ROVERNET - UK] Drain plugs & spanners

Fletcher gofanu at usachoice.net
Wed Mar 28 07:16:41 BST 2007

Not too bad, but 21mm is .827, or an additional .007 large, plus the 
slack and tolerance of the socket. Makes it on the high sloppy end of 
things at .015 to .030 slack. It will work possibly forever if you keep 
it square, but will distort the head enough that the correct tool may 
not fit. It is a true delight to use a good spanner on a machined hex, 
something rarely experienced in these days of mass production. Of course 
it's no more important than good food, fine wine, or any other quality 
thing - Rover vs Lada?

John Burkhard wrote:

> I use a 21mm 1/2 drive 6 point impact shallow socket with a long 
> breaker bar.  So far so good.  Press on.

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