[ROVERNET - UK] [OT?] Language "A Rover triumph!"

Anders Hedelund Larsen anders at xoz.dk
Tue Mar 27 16:13:33 BST 2007

Scoseria, very funny indeed. I note that Gianluca wrote  "A Rover 
triumph!" which has a totally different meaning from "a rover triumph" 
as referred by you.

Gianluca differs between "Rover" (car name) as opposed to "triumph" (a 
noun/substantive). You don't :-)

The two car names DID once go together as in the original code name for 
SD1 which started development as RT1 (Rover Triumph 1).

And yes, this is only joking fun.

....Anders.....  I who can see the re-created Rover Logos making ready 
for the season's attacks from my window. Ref. the Sea Stallion 

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