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Got rid of my 93 with 88,000 on it three years ago for $12,000. Extremely 
clean. Had the 4.2 liter engine. great car to drive, but I had three things 
go out over a period of six months and figured it was time to go. Lost a 
sensor in the air suspension, a fuel relay (stranded me with a disabled 
vehicle in tow on my flat bed trailer) and last, a fusible link went out. 
The fusible link really burned me. The car had about 80 fuses, why have a 
fusible link? Plus, I had the complete shop manual, with no mention of a 
fusible link anywhere in that $135 book or in the wiring diagrams. I 
replaced it with a Honda Pilot, looking for reliability.

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> Hi Kent,
> Range Rovers are such high maintenance vehicles! Too many owners  don't 
> maintain them. I'm looking for a truck which has been well  maintained and 
> has no rust. A good interior is a plus - exterior is  less important. 
> Would prefer under 125K miles. Minor mechanical/ electrical faults not a 
> big deal. Reckon on paying up to $6 grand.  Would like someone like you to 
> check it out before I grab a flight to  Texas!
> Good hunting!
> Dermot Harvey
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