[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Rear Brake Question

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Thu Mar 22 14:37:33 GMT 2007

Hi Folks
             I have just about finished at the front brakes, installed new
M/C new brake lines to servos and clutch etc. Now I want to jack the car up
to bleed. However, there is one worry that I have yet to look into. When I
bought the car last year I was told the hand brake didn't work, a part of
the linkage was missing??? I hoping this is true! but suspect its the tappet
pins laying down on the lever, I 've come across this problem so many times
in the past. My question- is there any short cuts to rectifing this problem,
I really don't want dismantle the rear calipers unless its absolutely
neccessary!!! I'm wondering if I can do the following with caliper in place.
Remove cover, loosen beam nuts then slip out the strut and pop the pin in
from the top??? looks possible on paper, but experience tells me its never
that easy in real time?? Look forward to suggestions.
                                                           Regards  Ben

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