[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Windshield removal

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Tue Mar 20 00:22:49 GMT 2007

We took the screen out of my son's SD-1 by working a thin steel wire 
through the joint and dragging it around the circumference to cut 
through the adhesive.  The chrome trim is embedded in the sealant, and 
just pries out (with care, of course!)

 His screen leaked like a sieve, too!  (But not, I'm happy to say, after 
replacement! ;-)


Bill Daddis



Nick and Laurie Hand wrote:
> My 1980 SD1 leaks  water around the windscreen. My local shop is scared they
> will brake it , whilst trying to remove. So I'm going to remove and go from
> there. I need help with the basics, i.e. how do I remove chrome? Any ideas
> on glass removal? I tried a petty good push, but it seems really tight
> [but not water tight] Thanks Nick
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