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Hi David,

If you are ordering new needles with your kits, be sure to give Joe  
the number on your existing needles (You'll need a magnifying glass).  
The needles he recommended for my 71 3500s were too lean (fat), so I  
kept the old ones in until I can get new ones that match, or a  
thinner set. I have three sets of needles from three different sets  
of SU carbs, two 1970 and one 1971, and all of them were different  
sizes. After rebuilding mine, I still have some hesitation starting  
off, which is cured by choking slightly (dropping the needle down in  
the jet, enriching the mixture) so I'm planning on trying a thinner  
needle next.


On Mar 14, 2007, at 6:37 PM, David Sheuring wrote:

> Hello all,
> Fixed the problem with the ignition system.....whew!
> Now, I need to find someone or someplace to purchase
> new carb jets and Grose fuel valve.
> Can anyone direct me to someone.....prefer US who may
> have new ones.
> I think I found new ones from Moss motors for an HS6
> carbs however they go to a TR4A. Will this be ok?
> Look forward to your comments
> Cheers
> David
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