[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Clutch master cylinders

McArdle fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Thu Mar 8 15:25:12 GMT 2007

 Hello again Rover people, 

       A few days ago there were 2 postings regarding clutch master
cylinders. One person said they needed one and then in a seperate posting
another person said they too would like one. I gathered from the dialogue
that took place that one was for an early car and one for a later car. 
      The good news is that I have located , in my stock of old parts one
of each .  Early Pt# being L4223-934 or 725 depending on whick book you
use , and the late  Pt.# is  L4211-139  or  112 again depending on when
the book was printed. 
      The bad news is that these are the only ones I can find new( there
are rebuilts out there ) so I can't let them go too cheaply, sorry. I need
$200.00 apiece for them . 
      If the people that were looking read this just drop me line and
we'll work out the details. Thanks for your time. 

Pete McArdle

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