[ROVERNET - UK] 33 days to the Northeast Rover meet

Dirk Burrowes dirk at vy-tek.com
Mon Apr 30 04:12:28 BST 2007

Hello all,

So 33 days until the 1st and hopefully annual spring Northeast Rover meet.
I have had a great response so far with about 8 people committing with
others promising to get back to me (I will hound you like dogs!)

I wanted to again mention that everyone is welcome with or without car
(bring pictures) kids are included and if you RSVP me and I know that you
will have kids then I will have some fun things setup for them.

I am in the process of mapping out a couple of nice drives to choose from
and they will all be under 1 hour.

As far as food is concerned this will really be a treat. The world famous
Bastey Boys BBQ brigade will be cooking for us and the menu will include

Baby back ribs slow cooked during our event
Chicken wings
Pulled pork sandwich's
Beef brisket

And a variety of snacks and deserts all through the day.

Several of the parts vendors have contacted me so I hope we will see at
least one at the event so bring your wish list along.
For those of you that missed my post last Sunday please see a copy of the
post below.

Rover Regards
Dirk Burrowes

Hello All,
Well as many may know my initial suggestion to have a Northeast Rover event
was met with mixed enthusiasm. In spite of the fact that this may end life
as we know it I have decided to host a modest Rover get together this June.
Now I know I have procrastinated and many will already have plans but for
those of you that don't I would love to see you and talk all matters
Rover!!!! I am really hoping to lay the foundation for a regular event in
addition to the fall event the Stephen Beer hosts. I am really hoping that I
will see a few of you and if there is anything I can do to facilitate your
presence please let me know.

I would appreciate a RSVP so I can plan the food and such 

The event is planned to coincide with the British by the Sea event in
Connecticut the first weekend in June www.ctmgclub.com  My Plan is to have
as many as will come on Saturday June 2nd beginning at 10:00 AM and ending
whenever. Then on Sunday morning to depart to Harkness Memorial park for
"The British by the Sea Car Show" sponsored by the Connecticut MG club. A
wonderful event and not to be missed!!!

So here's the deal...

This is a rain or shine event with an indoor venue if it rains. All are
invited whether you have a car or not kids and wives too  
We can support a fair number of cars and people so bring it on

We will have a nice ride to the summit of MT. Wachusetts

Afternoon Tea

Discounts on hotels stays at the Best Western hotel

Parts swap /parts jumble to all who care to bring parts for trade or sale

Informal tech sessions

Dinner and Rover movies with the Would famous BBQ by the Bastey boys
competition BBQ team

A few pints at the local pub to finish off the night

Sunday AM off to Connecticut to the "British by the Sea"


Things to note:
You can rent a car dolly from UHAUL http://www.uhaul.com/towing

Directions to the event can be found here

I will have a chase truck for the ride to Connecticut so we can fix or tow
if a problem occurs.

There is no cost for this event

I will have on hand all the my cars P3 through Ronda that run and many that
don't and for those of you who care to take one for a spin you are welcome

If you cannot make it with your car please come anyway if you plan to fly in
I will arrange pick up and drop off at any of the 3 regional airports at no

I get great rates at a decent local Best Western Hotel or can accommodate

You will look back on this and say I am glad I came or wish you had if you
don't so forget the excuses and just plan to do it!!!!

Warm Rover Regards to All

Dirk Burrowes 978-502-2289
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Message: 1
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 13:51:28 +1000
From: Peter Huttemeier <peterhut at melbpc.org.au>
Subject: Re: [ROVERNET - UK] Help from Down Under
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On Thu, 26 Apr 2007 12:45:04 -0700, you wrote:

>Thanks Peter,
>I have tried a couple of boards and forums, but no luck yet. I figured that

>someone down your way would probably have the answer if anyone did.

Here is reply from our TC owner member. I did not tell him you were
from across the pond, but I am sure the offer of a look see is still
ok if you want to pop on over!! Anyway hope this is of some help.


Peter H.

My TC has a Datsun 1200 steering box in it.  Apparently the original
ones are as vague as all hell and the Pitman arm is famous for
breaking off at the wrong moment.

Referring to my reference book 'TC's Forever' by Michael Sherrell, a
gentleman from Western Australia who is well known within TC circles,
he indicates on page 104 that a Datsun 1000/1200 steering box is used.
He does not give much in the way of details but gives a contact as:
John Bowles, PO Box 66, Waroona, 6215, WA. I do not know how current
this contact is as the book is about 15 years old.

It may be useful to look at the sebsite of the TC Owners Club of WA.
They have quite a few links and the contact person may be able to
advise who to speak to. Their address is http://www.mgtcoc.com/ 

Ray Skewes of Bulleen may also be a useful person to consult.  He runs
a workshop dedicated to the older MG's.  

Possibly contacting the MG Car Club might be useful.  There is a T
Type internet bulletin put out by Aubrey Paverd
aubreypaverd at bigpond.com   on behalf of the T Register within the
MGCC.  He may be able to assist.

I hope that this is of some use.  I assume that you are asking on
behalf of someone who has a TC about this fix to a serious problem
that TC's have.  I would welcome the chance to let him/her have a look
at my steering box to see how it has been done in my car.


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Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 22:40:11 -0700
From: "Slatskars" <slatskars at comcast.net>
Subject: Re: [ROVERNET - UK] Help from Down Under
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On Thu, 26 Apr 2007 12:45:04 -0700, you wrote:
Thanks again, Peter,

I have printed it off and will get it to him tomorrow. We are getting 
together to prepare for our eleventh annual "All British Autojumble" in 
Portland, Oregon on Sunday. He and I are the co-coordinators of the event.

I enjoyed reading some of the meeting minutes. Sounds like a great bunch.



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