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>James and Vern,
>     Thanks for the information concerning the speedo. I have fitted a 
>and as soon as I hook up the cable I will be back in business. Vern, I took
>a look inside the old speedo. The delicate wire/spring that keeps the whole
>thing on keel is wrapped around the small reel and bent. I will try fix it
>in the future. Larry
One more bit of advice, I broke a few speedo cables quite a few times back 
in 2000, so I concluded that there must be something dragging in the 
instrument cluster somewhere. I took it out and took it to Adelaide speedo 
and gauge service, and all that was wrong was that there was a bit of cable 
stub stuck in the right angle drive in the back of the unit. You could put a 
new cable in, but not very far, hence it would work briefly, and then break.


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