[ROVERNET - UK] p6 speedo

Larry lewill at ctcweb.net
Mon Apr 16 23:30:08 BST 2007

Eric, I wish that I had been going 120 mph but I was going  40 or so and the 
speedo cable started jumping and skipping indicating a rough spot and then 
it  stopped. I have one more question. Has anyone been inside the 90 gear 
that attaches to the speedo back. I have one that the gears are stripped and 
one that the plastic square drive that fits into the speedo is broken off. 
Now if I could just put two together to make one. Thanks in advance. I do 
have a spare but I want to save them for later. Larry
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> --- Larry <lewill at ctcweb.net> wrote:
> <SNIP>"I took a look inside the old speedo. The
> delicate wire/spring that keeps the whole thing on
> keel is wrapped around the small reel and
> bent."
> How fast were you going at the time?  :-))
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