[ROVERNET - UK] Peter Miller

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Thu Apr 12 05:01:59 BST 2007

Dear Rover Friends,
Peter Miller passed away this afternoon about two after a massive heart 
attack on Monday night late.  Wayne called Ruth and Ruth emailed me and 
I just spoke to Sylvia on the phone.  She is doing well but covets your 
prayers.  Peter passed peacefully surrounded by his devoted family.  I 
will post details of the funeral mass as soon as they become available 
sometime tomorrow afternoon PDT.

Peter was like his Rover...well cared for and quite unique.  Sheila and 
I remarked to each other after staying with Peter and Sylvia last summer 
that he was certainly well loved.  His family practically hovered around 
him then and their concern even at that time was quite evident.  Sylvia 
said it was obvious that he waited until they were all present to 
finally let go.  I will miss him greatly and remember him fondly.

Kent K.

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