[ROVERNET - UK] Tachometer Problem

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If this is a series 1 car, then...

Uhmm, if either of the pickup wires (they will be white with black 
tracers or white/black and white/yellow) were open, the car wouldn't 
run. The wiring is such that tach equipped cars got an extension of 
the coil-to-distributor  wire that running inside the cabin to a 
induction loop inside the tach (on early model tachs the loop is 
actually outside the case, but I digress). I would suspect the 
problem is power or ground to the tach.

To confirm, one of the wires should have continuity to the 
distributor (the white/yellow), its mate will then be the one 
traveling to the coil.


>I can do this, but I will have to do it on my car (with working 
>tach).  My friend's shows no continuity at any suspected connection, 
>so whatever wire is the pickup wire, must be corroded or shorted.
>>Can you not trace it using an ohm meter? One lead at the tach end and then
>>the other lead to the suspected locations until continuity is reached!
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>>The diagram in the manual does not show me the exact pick-up point.  I
>>have my suspicions, but it would be nice to know for sure.  Thank you!
>>>Hello.  My friend's tachometer on his 1970 2000TC gave up the ghost.  He
>>>replaced it with another unit, and it still does not work.  Any
>>>regarding tracing the wiring?  Thank you!
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