[ROVERNET - UK] Urgent! SD1 front crankshaft oil seal, whichway does it go in?

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Fri Apr 6 02:01:40 BST 2007

Paul Smith wrote:

>Metal part? The spring?
No.  The lip and the spring face the inside of the engine. The broader, 
flat face of the seal faces the outside.  Depending on the seal 
manufacturer, that broader surface may be plain steel or it may be 
coated with neoprene rubber similar to that from which the lip is made.  
The slope of the sealing surface on the seal will allow the hub to slip 
into place easily, but pulling the hub back out will abraid the sealing 
surface (lip) of the seal. Put another way, the lip is tapered.  The 
larger diameter is to the front or outside, the smaller diameter is 
toward the inside of the engine (timeing chain).   Be certain that the 
hub itself does not have a groove worn into the sealing surface of the 
hub.  If there is a groove on the sealing surface of the hub, a new seal 
will probably not stop the leak. Special sleeves are available which fit 
over the sealing surface of the hub to give the hub a new rubbing 
surface if necessary. 

If  I'm not being clear on this, I can send you a picture tomorrow, but 
I have the feeling you are getting frustrated and need the issue settled 
right away.

Let's keep trying.

Kent K.

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