[ROVERNET - UK] Dallas and New England (Rove '07)

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Tue Apr 3 16:11:08 BST 2007

Hi Netters,
No, this is not an NFL pre-season game.  It's my spring travel schedule.

You are all cordially invited to the All British and European Car Day 
(www.allbritishcarday.com), Sunday, April 29, at White Rock Lake Park in 
Dallas, Texas.  (Yes, I'm actually taking a Sunday off!)  Sheila is 
hosting her miniature club for a workshop that weekend, so I will be 
going to Dallas early to get out of the way (and to finally deliver some 
parts to Richard).  We will have a club tent (RSTCA and RCCC).  Kip will 
not share his mailing list, but has several hundred Rover customers in 
Texas and surrounding states (You just have to take his word for it).  
Invitations will go out advising them of our gathering and we'll just 
have to see who shows up.  Looks like there will be four or five of us 
for sure.  Anyone coming from a great distance, I will try to 
co-ordinate your transport and lodging.  I will be staying close to 
Kip's place which is not convenient to the meet site.  Remail me with 
questions or call me at 325-650-2056.

You can pre-register by downloading the pdf form from the website and 
faxing it back to Debra.  No money until you show up at the gate-US$10 
and a new pair of children's shoes (Just read the info on the website.)

I will be visiting in the Boston area the first weekend in June and will 
be at British by the Sea (Harkness Estate) in Waterford to visit with 
whoever is there.

Kent K.

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