[ROVERNET - UK] Other P5 News

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Mon Apr 2 22:55:27 BST 2007

Hi Netters,
I just acquired Rick Steckel's  P5 Mk.II (LHD, 4spd/OD) saloon 
(77300241a).  Sold new to his grandfather in Salt Lake City.  It is a 
lovely car, white w. red interior and no rust, about 145k miles.  It 
needs brake and carb work and an exhaust system.  Hasn't been on the 
road since 1986 but has spent the time indoors.  I know, I don't need 
another project, but this one is a sweetheart. 

Thanks to Rick and his father who met me half way, braving a blizzard to 
get there!

Kent K.

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