[ROVERNET - UK] Electrically Challenged Question.

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Hi Ben,

I think the tach in the TC model sent to the US, 1966 to 1969, is different 
than the one in the 3500s.  All the US, late 1969 and 1970, 3500s have the 
Series Two insterment cluster.  Hope this helps.
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> Hi Folks
>             Electrics were never my strong point, never did learn to
> program a VCR!! My question, is the tach from the P6 TC and the P6B 3500S
> the same and interchangeable, could either be used on a six cylinder, do
> they require re-calibrating or can they be calibrated. Look forward to 
> some
> enlightenment!!!
>                                              Regards  Ben.
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