[ROVERNET - UK] Engine bay insulation and heater box gaskets

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Thu Jul 13 05:16:25 BST 2006

I used some low density foam and stuck vinyl to it.
Works.  Not sure of fire rating...


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Did you ever get any feed back on the heater project?  I have two spare=20
heater units for our 2000 TC, different than your 3500s.  One day I plan =
rebuild one of them as the unit in the car spits out a lot of foam.  The =

key for this project is the seals on the air control doors and the=20
insulation marital between the heater unit and the car shell.  I am sure =

that there is some high tech stuff at $600.00 a running foot that will=20
work.  Oh! The width of this stuff is about 6".  I have looked around on =

line and have yet to find anything.   Under hood (bonnet) pad material=20
might work but I am not sure that I want to go to all that work and then =

find out.  Take Care.  jb
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Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Engine bay insulation and heater box gaskets

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