[ROVERNET - UK] Differential Harmonic Damper

Tom Trafton v8rover at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 11 00:04:24 BST 2006

The Rover P6 models utilize a harmonic damper on the differential extension
housing, a heavy iron band clamped around the housing and supported by 3
rubber pads.  The service manual contains dire warnings about not disturbing
the damper, "as special equipment is necessary for correct tuning of the
component."  That may have been all well and fine back when the car was
relatively new but now that my 2000TC is nearing 40 years old, the rubber
pads have deterioriated to the point where they need replacement.

The Parts book shows no part number for these things.  Have any of you
fellow Roverites attempted to replace these rubber parts and if so, with
what?  Is the vibration damper all that critical?  Has anyone tried running
with it removed?  How does one go about 'tuning' the thing without 'special
equipment'?  Any hints, thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be welcome.  BTW I
did swap out the 2000TC diff for one from a 3500S, wanting to get a more
favorable gear ratio and take adavantage of the beefier 3500S design (4
spider, stronger case, etc.).  Are there any differences between the
vibration dampers on the two diffs?


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