[ROVERNET - UK] P5 speedo function/repair questions

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Tue May 31 17:05:28 BST 2005

Peter; The best solution is always to send the guage to Nissonger
instruments in New Rochelle N. Y. They can also calibrate it for different
tire size. I speak to Bob. I do have a used one, it would probably be best
to have one, as they are very busy, and take 6 weeks or so; but they are the
best. You may contact me offline at jaguru at bellsouth.net. I can post photos
on the Rover section of my ebay store, if you want (Old English Motor
Company) Thank you, James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale.
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> Hi all.
> My MKIII speedo stopped working recently. I suspected the cable, but
> replacing it did not solve the problem. I dismantled it this weekend
> and found that the plate attached to the indicator needle was making
> slight occasional contact with the lower element that is driven by the
> cable, causing it to jump wildly or stick in one position. When I
> loosened the four screws attaching the bottom to the top elements
> slightly, and shimmed the gap with a thin washer, the two elements
> stopped dragging on one another. I cleaned all surfaces and the bottom
> needle end of the indicator plate and reassembled with shims in place,
> and the speedo worked up to about 30 mph, then seems to be catching
> again, causing the needle to jump wildly.
> Does anyone know if these units are serviceable, or if they simply need
> to be replaced once they go out of whack like this? The tolerance
> between the lower and upper plate is very tight, and I can only imagine
> that my tinkering with the distance between them would affect the
> accuracy of the unit.
> I'm also curious to know whether the lower plate is magnetized, or does
> it influence the upper plate by creating vaccum? The upper plate
> appears to be made of aluminum. The lower plate has a magnetic charge,
> but I'm not sure if it's just static that is causing it??
> Any thoughts on this are much appreciated.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Peter King
> p.s. Anyone have a working replacement to sell?
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