[ROVERNET - UK] Borg-Warner Type 65 Auto Gear Box

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Sun May 22 23:29:37 BST 2005

Hi Peter,
BW65/66 is somewhat stronger and shifts smoother than the BW35.  35 
tends to upshift a little too soon, especially in P5B's, though I have 
the feeling that this may just be an adjustment problem.  They are 
somewhat interchangable in that they are the same length.  P6B's started 
with the 35 and ended with the 65.  To put a 65 in a P6B or P5B you will 
need the shift linkage from a late P6B with BW65.  To use an SD1 65 in a 
P6B you will need the output flange from the P6B 65 or you will need to 
drill two holes in the SD1 style 65 flange to match the holes on the P6B 
u-joint yoke (two of the holes already line up.) You have an identical 
problem when installing an LT77 five speed in a P6B.  If I remember 
correctly the TV (kickdown) cable attaches in the same manner and to the 
same spot when installing either trans.  If your 35 has a sight glass 
instead of a dip stick, you will find the dip stick on the 65's to be a 
distinct advantage.

Kent K.

sspmilr at netzero.net wrote:
> Hi Roverists:
> What's the advantage of replacing one's Borg-Warner Type 35 auto gear
> box with a Borg-Warner Type 65 auto gear box?
> Is the Type 65 a direct interchange with the Type 35?  Are there no
> modifications required?
> Peter Miller
> Port Orchard, Wa.
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