[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Steering Idler Damper

smanwell smanwell at sprintmail.com
Thu May 19 16:47:49 BST 2005


I have found a spare idler damper for Albert Boasberg's 2000TC, but it 
has brought up a few questions.  It appears to be in good condition -- 
the shaft turns in the body without any apparent play or looseness in 
the bushings; no sign of leaks.  I noticed however, that the hydraulic 
resistance as I turned the shaft was not completely steady at first.  
Now that it has been sitting upright in the vice for a while and it has 
been exercised back and forth several times, the hydraulic action has 
smoothed out.  (I take the unsteady damping to be some air mixed with 
the damping oil after turning the damper right side up.)

I got to wondering whether the oil in the unit should be topped up and 
then I discovered that the manuals call for "no maintenance" on this 
part.   I have a vague memory of topping these dampers up with engine 
oil 25 years ago (!) on my grandfather's 2000TCs -- maybe I'm thinking 
of some other part.

What is the collective wisdom on these dampers -- should the oil be 
topped up and with what fluid?  Are they really not rebuildable as the 
manuals claim?  How do these units tend to fail -- wear, leaks?


Steve Manwell

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