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Here only the Acura is an MDX model and seats 7, The Pilot is similar, but 
does seat 8. Pilot is $32-33k, Acura $38k. They have just recently now come 
out with a Honda 4-door crossover pickup using the same platform.. Yes, they 
are nowhere near as off-road capable as a Rangie, but reliability plus a 
decent pulling capacity of 4,500 lbs. met most of my needs.  I can pull my 
flatbed trailer with my 1954 MGTF on it (3,950 lbs.). Also I like having 4 
wheel drive when I need it on occasion. It also gets 20-21 mpg  vs. 16 with 
the Rangie. It is a very nice luxury highway vehicle with some utility use.

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  The Honda MDX (seats 7, leather, 3.5l V6, 2000kg) comes in at AUS$70k
RRP, that's about USA$53k.  The equivalent Acura MDX is USA$41k (with
DVD system) or AUS$54.5k

It's a very different vehicle the Rangie.  Probably based on the Accord
or Legend platform with extra ground clearance and a new body.  Most of
the manufacturers are bringing out occasional off road vehicles based on
sedan platforms and catering to the urban market (Toyota Kluger, Ford
Territory, VW Toureg, Mitsubishi Outlander).


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