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roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sat May 14 14:49:47 BST 2005

Did Rover export these models in LHD? Just wondering
if there are some nice new (read cheap) laying around
to be had as a bargain. :-) Seems no wonder Rover
didn't sell alot, since $80K is alot of money. Of
course my 1960 3L was very expensive for a car that
didn't even have power steering, A/C or V8 at $4775.
Many americans agreed and bought Caddys, Buicks and
Lincolns for less. My dad bought a brand new Chevy
Nomad wagon in 1961. He ordered it the way he wanted,
duo-tone, automatic, V8, power steering, radio, 9
passenger at $3228. I have the original order sheet
with a 3 week delivery date. Hard to compete against.
But I'm glad I have the Rover, it's so different from
anything else out there. I probably could have saved
lots of time getting a Chevy of some sort, but
wouldn't have really saved anything on bodywork or
interior since it doesn't matter what kind of car it
is, it's still expensive to do. Some day i'll get to
the rechroming and paint. sigh...

Road King (sold)

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