[ROVERNET - UK] Latest Australian local news re Rovers.

Peter Huttemeier peterhut at melbpc.org.au
Sat May 14 04:51:13 BST 2005

Over recent days I have spoken to both MG Rover Australia and local
Melbourne dealer Zagame Automotive.
MG Rover confirmed advice that they have stopped importing Rovers &
MGs and will be quitting any stocks they currently have. Spare parts
will continue to be available through Cat Logistics which bought the
spare parts business from MG Rover UK last year. For recent buyers
however MG Rover confirm that factory warranties have been cancelled
(this was something the UK Administrators had already announced in
April). The rest is similar to what was in the Morning Herald articel
posted by Eric

Zagame confirmed that for the foreseeable future they will continue to
offer service facilities for Rovers & MGs at their Richmond service
centre. They confirm that spares for recent models will not be a
problem, with Zagame having already organised a direct supply service
from Cat Logistics in UK.  They confirmed that there is no longer any
effectual factory warranties, but that Zagame do offer a three year
warranty at a cost of course.

We understand that in the immediate term there is a warehouse full of
parts for Rover 75s and MGs already stockpiled here in Melbourne by
local arm of Cat Logistics. It is also understood that Cat Logistics
has agreements in place in UK of continued manufacture of certain
parts should this be needed. So, someone with a Rover 75 or MG can
feel confident that servicing and parts will be available for their
cars for some time to come.

The sales manager at Zagame also mentioned they have only one Rover 75
left, a diesel, but they do have three MG ZT V6s and one MG ZT 260 V8
still for sale at reduced prices. The asking price for the MG V8 is
around $80,000 some $20,000 less than rrp for this model before the


Peter H

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