[ROVERNET - UK] Re: 2005 Rover 75

Bosse Arnholm bosse at arnholm.nu
Wed May 11 20:08:02 BST 2005

One of those beasts are for sale in Sweden too!
Unfortunately I don't have the money meeded to make an offer on it.

On the other hand I did get an almost new Rover 75 Connoiseur 2005 last
week. Exchanged my wife's 75 Club from 2000.


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> On Tue, 10 May 2005 08:52:56 +0930, you wrote:
>> Did the proposed Ford-derived V8 engined rear drive version of the 75
>> get into production? If so, were any imported into Australia?
> Sending a reply again my other one seems to have got lost in the
> ether.
> There is at least one Rover 75 V8 in Oz, it has been used as a tester
> for the Car mags and papers. Whether any were actually sold I don't
> know. There were some MG versions sold as I see one on the roads near
> me from time to time. 
> Also as mentioned in another post Zagames have one demo model for sale
> at the moment at a "make us an offer price".
> Cheers,
> Peter H
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