[ROVERNET - UK] bonnet/hood support bracket

agale at ihug.com.au agale at ihug.com.au
Tue May 10 03:16:13 BST 2005

I am looking for the bracket which takes the bonnet (that's the hood for US 
readers) support strut on my 1984 Van den Plas.
I am tired of re-gassing the struts (had it done twice now and each one only 
lasted about 14 months) and new struts appear to be unavailable here in Oz.  
Therefore, I want to return to the more reliable link of steel!
My local rover supplier can give me the proper connecting rod, there is a 
fitting on the bonnet to take one end, but no bracket at the front of the 
engine bay to receive the other.
If anyone has access to one please let me know so we can make arrangements.

Alan Gale

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