[ROVERNET - UK] Electrical mystery continued

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Mon May 9 00:26:19 BST 2005

>1.  The battery voltage started at 12.2
>2.  I ran the engine, voltage was 13.3, 5 amps going in to battery.  That
>seems normal.
>3.  After the run, the voltage was 12.1!
>4.  When I disconnected the battery the alternator output rose to 14.8,
>which seems correct.
>I have left it sitting with the battery disconnected to see what happens.
>Meanwhile I refitted the RH lower ball joint, but could not get it in far
>enough to get the snap ring back in.  Any ideas?

Did you really clean the snap ring groove well? I've had that cause 
problems inserting the snap ring. If that's not it, perhaps a burr in 
the socket is standing proud. Can you get the joint back out without 
damaging it?


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