[ROVERNET - UK] Need parts for my 2000TC

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Tue May 3 03:36:32 BST 2005

>Rovernet members,
>I haven't posted in nearly three years but recently I brought out my 
>1968 White with blue "C" pillar, magnum rimmed 2000TC from long term 
>storage and am in need of a few parts. 
Rear valance ----  I am looking for a really straight piece, mine is 
full of holes from someone pulling a dent years ago.

>Cast TC badging for fender  ----  One side of my car is cast and the 
>other is aluminum, all of it is in deteriorated condition.  Can 
>anybody help me out with a complete set of nice emblems or at least 
>one cast "TC".

I can help you here

>Rear Decklid reflector housings ---- Same situation as the side 
>emblems.  Anyone have a good set?
>Rear Decklid letters ---- I believe these letters were also made by 
>casting and I want to replace my aluminum letters.

Brass letters will not fit in the holes for an aluminum lettered 
trunk. Some letters will, some have different spacing. And the little 
plastic fitting the letters insert into seem to be like hen's teeth 
to obtain.

>Tires ----  I have 175r15's on my Magnum 500.  I think I should go 
>with 185/70r15 as replacements.  What is the latest information on 
>tire availabilty and brand preference.

I'm sure you mean 14", not 15"

>Paint codes ----  What is the paint code for the NADA 2000TC with 
>the original off white and blue (solent?) sail panel option.

Actually, the sail patch came in two blues, mostly Solent Blue but 
cars made after perhaps the summer or a little later of 1968 changed 
to Corsica Blue for the sails and i believe dropped the patch under 
the TC on the hood. the change is noted in the September 1968 service 
newsletter. Perhaps Rudiger of this list could tell you when your car 
was manufactured from the serial number.


>I look forward to getting the car back on the road, it is such fun to drive.
>John Couch
>Rochester Hills, MI
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