[ROVERNET - UK] Another Failed Experiment-LED Bulbs

Paul Smith vmi2148 at bigpond.net.au
Sun May 1 08:43:45 BST 2005

Whoa.  They look "so-what" close up.
Look at it from 500m.

Experienced cyclist.

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>A few days ago I floated the question about replacing the incandescent tail
> light bulbs in the P6 with more modern LED bulbs, said to be much 
> brighter.
> Today I decided to invest US $12 in an experiment so bought a direct
> replacement LED bulb from Painless Performance Products.  There are many
> competitors on the market but this one was easy to  come by and Painless
> enjoys a good reputation in the after-market electrical products business.
> Well the bottom line is "Don't waste your time or money"  If you get down 
> on
> your haunches, stare directly on axis, the LED is brighter than the 
> original
> 1157 dual contact bulb.  But any thing more than about 10 degrees off axis
> and it is much dimmer.  And the problem is exacerbated by the Rover lens.
> This particular LED, at least, is clearly no improvement.  Now I am left 
> to
> wonder if I got $12 worth of knowledge out of this little lesson:-)
> Tom
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