[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC rebuild

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Sun Oct 31 21:38:37 GMT 2004

Other info:
My uncle had a 10:1 TC, built a 9:1 2200 and put it in.
He found the 2200 was better up to 2500rpm, and it was pretty even after
that.  Generally it was more driveable due to bottom end.


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THanks........Yes Eric i am building a 2200 rebore for my 69 but my 67 which

i will probably give to my son, or sell... i would like to use up some of my

spare parts i have lying around...........I just want to know if anyone has 
had a standard 10:1 compression TC and a 9:1 compression TC and compared
them...........With so much standard parts downstairs its a shame to waste
them when a few of the blocks are fine and don,t need bored out 
yet.............I haven,t come across any articles on the difference in 
performance..................Maybe I should build up a few engines  with all

the parts and  power my lawnmower, and weed whacker with them
Thanks Bill

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