[ROVERNET - UK] tach

Ron Morey morey814 at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 30 19:51:27 BST 2004

Larry, I am the technician. So I did the work. As Paul has already pointed 
out you will require 100Hz to set the tach for 3000Rpm. Since there is only 
one pulse/cylinder for every two revolutions (2pulses per revolution and 
60sec/min). This is what it looks like:
3000 rev/min X min/60sec X 2pulses/rev = 100 pulses/sec or 100Hz.

I think you said earlier that the loop of wire was connected to the rear of 
the tach? I trust also that you have not installed an electronic ignition 
lately? This may cause problems. You state it was converted to a TC. I trust 
it did not have a tach previously. Has the tach ever worked in this car? Was 
it wired as per 68 TC wiring in the manual. If the ignition loop is on the 
wrong side of the coil or the points it is also not likely to work.

Hope this helps. Sorry for the wrong info earlier.
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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] tach
>Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 06:52:06 -0600
>Richard, Paul, Ron, and Graham,
>     Thanks for the info concerning the tach. I will work some more on it
>today. I think it is the tach itself instead of the wiring. I do have a
>voltage drain but that is another problem but they may be connected.
>     I did forget to mention that the vehicle is a 1968TC converted from a 
>     Ron, did you do the work on the tach or did you have it do by a
>technician? Regards, Larry
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