[ROVERNET - UK] Amphicar (non-Rover)

Richard Elliott relliott44 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 25 17:40:05 BST 2004

Hi 'Netters,

I saw a pristine-looking Amphicar going by our police
station here in Rowlett, Texas the other day.  The
aqua-colored car ("Fjord Green" apparently) was headed
generally towards the nearby lake.  I only had a quick
glance as it was travelling the opposite way and was
being driven in a brisk fashion.

After checking the Web for information about these
amphibious vehicles, I was intrigued to find that they
were German-made of various content (I thought it was
strictly British) and mostly were sold in the U.S.  I
had seen one previously about 15 years ago and I
associated it with the local British car restoration
business we have here. 

As a wee lad, circa 1962, I had witnessed one actually
being driven right off an English beach into the
water.  It was a startling thing to see then as now.


Richard Elliott
1970 P6B NADA Tobacco Leaf

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