[ROVERNET - UK] Rust Beaters, Eaters, and Cheaters!

T. Clemen tclemen at msn.com
Fri Oct 22 04:31:13 BST 2004

I own several classics and have had excellent success with the POR-15 line.  
One use was to redo my engine bay in my Dauphine 6 years ago and it still 
looks great.
You can order direct from their web-site and they offer international help 
as well.  Get a starter pack, I think there 18$US, and try it out.  The 
stuff is indestructable and chemical resistant, although UV sensitive you 
can coat it with one of their primers.

Another great source for products and tools is The Eastwood Company.
Free catalogs and great products, and online ordering.

As I am sure is true with parts of Canada, and other northern states, 
Minnesota is one of the most corrosive areas to own a car.  We use harsh 
salts and sands on our roadways from November to April, and the stuff stays 
on the roads until July!!  Not that everyone is driving their classic around 
in the middle of January, but the slush gets EVERYWHERE.  Along with the 
temp extremes from -25F to 100F within the year are crazy on a cars paint 
(last winter we actually had a run of -60F days when you included wind 

The Resto-Motive (Maker of POR-15) line is bullet proof and has yet to let 
me down.


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