[ROVERNET - UK] oil anyone update

Mike Shaddick mikshdik at ozemail.com.au
Mon Oct 18 22:20:46 BST 2004

 The tappet / lifter noise has somewhat abated.  I did the following things.

1) I seriously flushed the engine with garage grade, licensed mechanics
only, flush (and changed the filter).
2) I filled the motor with HPR40 instead of my customary HPR30.
3) I put in a bottle of  Nulon speciality lifter additive.

What I need (considering that this is Sydney) is a gearbox tunnel overlay
for a P6Bs manual,  You know, the plastic cover that houses fore and aft
ashtrays, the handbrake boot and the gear shift boot.  Mine has reached
it's use by date.

What I also need is a ball? to go on the bottom end of my gearshift.  I am
considering making up a ball with epoxy putty  or drilling to fit a solid
rubber ball, but I don't know the dimension.

The gear shift works fine as it is, but it does rattle and slop about.


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