[ROVERNET - UK] Oversize pistons for 2000TC

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 15 22:24:42 BST 2004

Out here many of us have rebored to 2200 standard with
excellent effect with respect to lower octane needs
and quick acceleration.

I watched my friend, Peter, do the work for me.  He
used his hole drilling rig and set it up with the
pistons in hand.  He needed to plane each small end of
each connecting rod so that it fit into the more
narrow slot of the 2200 standard piston.

We use the same head but a 2200 head gasket with the
small vapour holes slightly expanded by hand with a
drill bit to match the existing holes in the engine.

It happens that Pierre has advertised a set of 4
pistons for the cost of *one* oversized 2000 piston.

Ruth, out here, at All British Cars put me onto the
process when I started out.


--- Bill Robertson <rover2000nut at hotmail.com> wrote:

> HI .......Does anyone have a set of oversized
> pistons for a 
> 2000TC............Hopefully in 10:1
> compression..........I,m building up 
> another motor and the block looks like it will have
> to be bored out.......I 
> have all kinds of standard sets but nothing
> oversized..........I,m not 
> looking to buy a set of new ones .......this is a
> spare motor for my car in 
> storage..........I,m bored and needed more
> work.....AND winter is coming     
> .LOL
> Bill Robertson
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