[ROVERNET - UK] Rover Genealogy

Tom Trafton v8rover at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 11 20:15:55 BST 2004

I was talking to a guy last week about his Sunbeam Talbot Alpine which was
thought to have been the car that Grace Kelly drove in "To Catch a Thief",
the 1955 Hitchcock film.  He is interested in tracing the car's history to
establish provenance, not being really sure if his is really the car used in
the movie or not.  That got me to wondering about the history of my Rover
and wondering how to go about tracing the history of a Rover.  I know
Rudiger keeps a lot of data on Rovers, but I have never seen a discussion on
Rovernet about how fellow Rovernetters have gone about doing their car's
genealogy.  I would guess that there have been discussions of this type in
the past but I must have missed them.  Anyone have any thoughts or
experience along these lines?  Does the factory keep records on where the
cars were first delivered?


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