[ROVERNET - UK] Starting Problem

G. Warren Smith gwsmith at sru.edu
Fri Oct 1 17:54:50 BST 2004

I'm having a problem reliably starting my 1970 Rover 3500S. When I turn the
ignition switch on, all electrical items work, the fuel pump runs, etc; but
when I turn it to start, nothing happens, in either P or N. Fortunately, so
far, I've eventually had it turn over and start, but I fear I'm going to
get stuck someplace awkward one of these days without successfully getting
it to fire.  I've just had the starter rebuilt and a new solenoid added.
The battery is fully charged.  There doesn't seem to be much in the circuit
other than the "combined starter inhibitor and reverse light switch" and
the ignition switch, itself.  My recollection from years (and years) ago,
is that Ron Jones wired in a separate push-button switch in the glove
compartment to over-ride a similar problem, but that extra switch and its
function have been lost in my recent engine transplant. I'd appreciate any
thoughts and advice on possible faults to explore, especially if any of the
listers have solved a similar problem.  

Many thanks,

Slippery Rock, PA

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